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Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)

SubseaDeep LARS are designed to suit all vessels and operations and are built to last for working in the harshest operating environments. 

SubseaDeep Launch and Recovery Systems are designed to handle work ROVs, with or without TMS to ultra-deep depths of 4000 m and beyond. Our innovative engineering solutions are based on 20 years of experience in LARS designing and our team has been the pioneering members of first generation of LARS to the current state of the art equipment being used worldwide.

We have designed and manufactured LARS for Offshore and Diving industries, with different operational requirements. These range from Overboarding LARS, Heavy Weather Gantry LARS, Fixed A-frames, Heavy Weather Guide Wire Cursor Deployment Systems, ROV LARS with docking heads and latch systems, Diving LARS for a 2 man basket, and Heavy Weather Rail Cursor Deployment Systems. Any type of LARS can be designed and supplied as per client requirements and needs, from a SWL 1 Tonne LARS to 20 Tonnes LARS and more.